How Rolls Royce Factory is the most expensive car in the world

Hello friends, there are thousands of car brands in the world whose cars are of very good quality. But the reputation that Rolls Royce got in terms of cars is unmatched by any other car. It is the dream of all millionaires to buy this car. There are very few people in India who have a Rolls Royce car.

It starts at Rs 5 crore or more. Depending on the quality of the car and the quality of the car, it is ready to be bought for crores of rupees. All Rolls Royce cars are handy. It takes at least 6 months to make a Rolls Royce. The main reason is that only some of its heavy parts are made by machine. The rest of the car is made by hand.

As soon as you enter the company of Rolls Royce, you will feel like you are standing in a world class car factory. Because there is not much noise like in a normal factory. Because most work is done by hand and slowly enough. Where all the other cars are made in the factory with 10 to 15 hours to make. That is why there is a lot of work done in a hurry and a lot of work is done in a hurry.

A Rolls Royce car has been built there for six months, so everything here is done very calmly and skillfully. Experts and their team have freedom. They make better and better over time. Maybe you know that all Rolls Royce cars are very different from everyone else.No matter what color you say, the company will make you a car of that color.

The diameter condition is the same, that color must be good. So that the image of the Rolls Royce band is not bad. The company displays you at least 44,000 colors. If you have a different color, you can have the company paint that car with that color.

From then on, the whole world will never be able to buy a Rolls Royce of that color again without your permission. Surprisingly, only a talented person can paint this car completely. The rest of the normal color of the car is dipped in seven levels. But if you want to immerse yourself in more layers than that, it will happen.

Even after the end of so many colors, you know that the buyers of this brand are usually very rich. For example, the princes of Saudi Dubai, the CEOs of big companies or celebrities. Therefore, despite having so many color options, they come up with something of one of their colors, such as diamond mounting on the steering wheel of a car.

But the company is ready to obey all the demands of their customers. Therefore, if you want to engage your car with diamonds, the Rolls Royce brand will also fulfill that requirement. When it comes to interior design, it will be the most unique. The leather that is used inside the company does not want any kind of stains or any kind of folds, so the leather is only taken from animals of European countries.

Because the mosquito infestation is less there, there are no mosquito bite marks on the body of the animal. Whenever it is cut for design after bringing the skin, only the selected great people do it themselves. It only takes three to four hours to polish the skin. . It takes at least two weeks for the leather work to be done and sewn by hand.

Car dashboards and sticks are used for various purposes. They are not taken from any tree. All the sticks used in a Rolls Royce car are taken from a single tree. So that there is no difference in the color of the stick and the stick of the tree that is planted in it is not from any ordinary tree.

You can use any tree of your choice in your car if you want. Mark Code has done this work for the last 16 years and he has been making one-on-one designs on Rolls Royce cars with his own skills.

However, he takes a lot of time for this. The color from which the design is made dries instantly. So there is no room for mistakes because if there is a mistake, the car has to be repainted. The brush that Mark uses to paint is also a normal brush. No, it is made of special species of cat hair. Because it tends to be very soft.

A unique feature of this car is that it has a roof with lights that will make you think that they are shining stars. To do this, the company makes small holes in the roof of the car, then puts fiber optics in it, and at least one Rolls Royce car has 1340 holes. It can be more than the demand of the buyers.

Most of this work is done by hand and it takes at least 18 hours to do all this work. Besides, you may know that the direction and place of the stars in the sky change every day. This means that a different star was born on the day you were born. It happens every day.

That's why the company designs the lights on the roof of the car the way they went out in the sky on the day of their birth, as their buyers say.

So that you can always see what kind of stars they came out on the day of your birth. This car is the quietest car in the world from the inside. You can hear the ticking of your watch from inside the Rolls Royce.

What makes it so cool is that the company puts in more than one hundred and thirty-six kilograms of noise. Also the tires of this car are made soundless enough. For this a special kind of foam is filled inside it. Which reduces the noise of the tire to about 9 decimals. The familiar grille in front of this car is also made by hand. The Rolls Royce logo on the tires of this car does not rotate with the tires but is always straight.

This means that it is never reversed, so a special technique is used. It is made with glass and hands. Another unique feature is that the bonnet of this car is fitted with the spirit of STC. It has been fitted to all Rolls Royce cars since 1920. It is made of stainless steel. Sometimes it is also gold plated.

No one will be able to steal it. Because it uses certain mechanics that if someone tries to pull it, it will go into the bonnet of the car at a much faster speed. Can go A Rolls Royce car passes in front of about 70 skilled people before it reaches its buyer.

Rolls-Royce has built its own car in such a way that the buyer can customize almost all the parts of the car, whether it is external or internal.

All parts of this car are made by hand so this car is made in about six months. Normal car is made in ten to fifteen hours so normal durability is sometimes covered with gold. No one can steal it.

This is because it uses some mechanics that if someone tries to pull it, it will go into the bonnet of the car at a much faster speed.

A Rolls Royce car passes in front of about 70 skilled people before it reaches its buyer. Rolls-Royce has built its car in such a way that the buyer can customize almost all the parts of the car, whether it is external or internal. 10 to 15 years. Therefore, their duration is 10 to 15 years.

But Rolls Royce lasts a lifetime. Most of the Rolls-Royces that have been made in the world in the last 100 years can still be run.

Friends, what are you thinking about this car? And is this your dream car? Be sure to say in the comments if you like the post, please like it and share it with your friends. Thank you for reading more informative posts. Thank you.

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