What is used as rocket fuel?


What is used as rocket fuel?

Do you know what is used as rocket fuel? If you want to know about this then read our today's post completely carefully.

Almost every country dreams of launching rockets from their territory. In other words, it is not possible for any country to do this.

But our Bangladesh has already discovered itself in the world as a developing and modern country.

Concept of using fuel in rockets. What is used as rocket fuel?

At present, it has been possible to send various things like rocket satellites by air from our country.

Now many of us do not know what is used as rocket fuel. Basically, today's post is about that.

Basically, there are different types of fuel to operate a rocket.

Solid materials are used as fuel in rockets and liquid materials are used as fuel.

All of these factors depend on the type of rocket being fired.

We try to explain this to you very simply in almost every post on our site.

So I will try to explain to you the use of solids and the use of liquids correctly.

Solid fuel rockets

The first rocket in history flew using solid fuel. It was first discovered by the ancient Chinese and is still used today.

Some of the chemicals used in solid rocket fuel are similar to those used in gunpowder.

However, the chemical composition of India's rockets is not quite the same.

Pure fuel is used in making rockets. But it is not needed to make gunpowder.

Because gunpowder explodes which is absolutely not applicable to use in the case of a rocket it can cause any accident if used in the case of the rocket.

So some changes have to be made in making the rocket fuel so that the fuel will not burn quickly but will not explode.

But also the rocket engine has a big problem.

A rocket once launched cannot be stopped. That is, the rocket is not under control.

So many rockets are used to launch missiles or are sometimes sent as helpers to spacecraft.

Liquid fueled rockets

The first liquid rocket was invented by Robert Goddard in 1926. The basic design of such a rocket is not too difficult to understand.

Robert Goddard used gasoline and liquid oxygen to pump into the combustion chamber when building the first rocket.

The resulting chemical reaction caused the rock to move forward.

The chemical reaction expands the gas and rushes out through the narrow tube and starts moving at the rocket's high speed.

What is used as rocket fuel FAQS
What is used as rocket fuel?

Basically, one fuel is used for each rocket. Such is the fuel for solid rockets and that is the fuel for liquid rockets.

Who invented the first liquid rocket?

Robert Goddard invented the first liquid rocket.

In which year did Robert Goddard invent the liquid rocket?

In 1926, Robert Goddard invented the liquid rocket.


Through today's post, we have tried to give you a complete idea about what is used as rocket fuel.

I hope you have understood this post today. And found out exactly how rockets are actually operated.

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