What to do after giving birth to Bajriga baby

What to do after giving birth to Bajriga baby:

After giving it for 18 long days, Bajriga's baby is born. Their soft chirping sound will tell you the message of their arrival. They want food, safe shelter and the warmth of parents. The baby's condition is very fragile for the first 7 days after birth. So you have to be careful about their care. If you follow the following tips, your Bajriga baby will be fine:

1/ If there is a baby, there should always be enough food and water in the bird cage. Bajriga eats a lot of food and water during this time. So feed more every day or feed in seed hopper. Of course, you must give boiled water.

2/ Digestive power of the child is much less than that of the parents. So a little mistake in food can kill the baby. In that case, the Seedmix should be bought from the market and washed well and dried in the sun to sterilize it or possibly the Seedmix should be dusted by shaking it in the sink. Sterile baby food can be stored in a separate container.

3/ Soft food like a boiled egg, boiled corn, carrot, beetroot, coriander, and kalmi/spinach should be given in case of the baby. But as I have said before, the digestive power of the child is much less than that of the parents. If the baby cannot digest soft food, it will cause diarrhea.

Many times, if you do too much slimy stool, it becomes like mud in the bones. This may cause other eggs of the mother to fail to hatch or other babies may die. So in my opinion it is better not to give soft food to all babies before birth. And if you give then be careful. Stop giving soft food whenever you see that the baby is having loose stools. Soft food should be removed from the cage every 2 hours in summer and 3 hours in winter.

4/ Vitamin BC GOLD for children is known as tonic. It accelerates the growth of the baby. It can be given 3/4 days a week.

5/ Bajriga, if it is afraid for some reason, rushes into the bone and enters the bone. In this, children can die under the pressure of their parents' feet. So go slow when you visit them. Keep the aviary free of rats, lizards, crows, and crickets. Because seeing them, the bet gets scared and reacts too much. Then the baby may die under the pressure of the feet.

6/ don’t watch the child again and again. This may cause the above problem. Seen 1-2 times a day. You can use your mobile camera or video option (without flash) to see the baby. It reduces the trouble of repeatedly dropping the bone. In many cases, the bet does not realize that you are looking at him with artificial eyes.

7/ If a baby dies, throw it away. If the pot rots or dries out, it can cause harm to the health of other children.

8/ The child's bones fill the toilet after a few days. Interestingly, many bets clean the closet themselves. Brush your teeth at least once a week. An easy way to clean bones is to wash them thoroughly and burn them with paper. It kills all germs alive.

9/ when the baby is 25 days old, put it down in a clay pot and remove the bones. Put some cones in the container so they can master learning to eat.

10/ Separate the baby from the cage as soon as it learns to fly. Otherwise, they may be subjected to parental anger.


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